GARF Global: A 2021 Retrospective


Happy New Year from all of us at GARF Global! We hope you are doing well and enjoying starting to get back out to the big wide world. 2021 has been the year of trying to get back to normal, and certainly since the last newsletter, we here at GARF Global have been trying to do exactly that.

So, what has GARF Global been up to in 2021?

 Well, first and foremost, our ambassadors have been very busy! Julien Seveon, our man in France, has been completing various works, including his George A Romero book; this is currently only available in French, but plans are afoot to develop this further. Watch this space! In addition to his books, Julien has been involved with French screenings of The Amusement Park as the film continues to shock and amaze audiences across the globe!

Paolo Zelati, our man in Spain, is busying himself with development and pre-production of Twilight of the Dead, and we are all looking forward to further developments in 2022!

Norman England, our man in Japan, has also been busy completing books and features on Dawn of the Dead, as well as producing accompanying literature for the Japanese releases of The Amusement Park, so definitely check that out. Norman has also been involved in getting GARF merchandise into shops across Tokyo—an absolutely amazing achievement. If you spot an item and pick it up, upload a picture on social media, tag the GARF, and we will share with the great and the good.

Colin, our UK ambassador, was pivotal in getting a Romero double screening of The Amusement Park and Night of the Living Dead at a Romero/zombie-themed Halloween event for the National Museum of Northern Ireland. The event was an amazing success and a real opportunity for both the Museum and the GARF to showcase George’s work. With video introductions from both Suzanne Romero and Russ Streiner, the event really went down well with fans.

Colin also has a number of live event ideas for 2022. Information on these will appear on the GARF website and social media.

As the year went on and events opened up again, the GARF and UK Romero fans managed to get out to celebrate George’s work and horror. Events included the For the Love of Horror convention, London Film and Comic Con, and DarkFest.

Looking ahead to 2022, all going well, the GARF will return to some normality and get out a bit more, so do look out for GARF tables at conventions across Europe, Asia, and beyond, and don’t be shy! Pop over and say hi! We don’t bite.

Lastly, 2021 has seen GARF Global added to the GARF Website so be sure to head on over to for pics, blogs, and info on all the events GARF Global has been involved in and is planning on getting involved in.

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