Hello All!

The GARF is 16 months old today. Though we are still in our infancy I am very pleased with our accomplishments.

We have restored The Amusement Park and the determination of our path to show you this long forgotten film is ongoing. Romero completists, be patient. It's coming to get you! We have doled out some scholarships to young potential film makers as promised.
The George A. Romero collection is slowly being catalogued and the horror archive is growing.

We have still much to do!

We need to endow the Horror Studies Centre to the GEORGE A. ROMERO Horror Studies Centre and we still need to get the horror museum built!! (Why this still does not exist is frankly astonishing!!!)

The GARF's tentacles keep spreading and the word is out that we mean to make an impact on the horror genre!

I have a great devoted and passionate team but I still need more! I am seeking out volunteers. I know there are huge Romero fans out there that have skill sets that we desperately need. We need an entertainment lawyer, a foundation lawyer, a grant writer, a fund raiser and a candlestick maker!!!

Anyone out there? Please reach out...

Get Scared... Stay Scared!