Introducing the newest member of the foundation:


The GARF is excited to introduce you to our new friend who emerged from the depths of Jaimie Craddock & Jessica Craddock’s workshop to join our mission – Garchy! The GARF founder & president, and George A. Romero’s wife, Suzanne Romero met with Garchy to discuss how we could help the foundation, hoping he would meet with The GARF team. There is just one problem: he’s a zombie. The team thought the meeting might be a bit one-sided since Garchy cannot speak… at all. He groans, grunts, laughs and gets distracted whenever he sees a delicious stuffed animal (did we mention that is all he eats?).

The unthinkable happened and a crazy idea came to life.

Garchy’s handler tried to translate his words and the team was worried that they would never truly understand what was going on in that undead head of his. The meeting began and the zombie groans started. But Suzanne understood all of Garchy’s unrecognizable noises, as if he spoke English. And she is the only one who can.

Curious, snarky, and even a little brain dead, Garchy has quickly become a core member of The GARF team. He’s dead-icated to sharing his love of horror and stay connected with the genre’s community. 

Join Garchy’s adventure on social media as he learns the alphabet, shares movie reviews, and gets comfortable in his new role. Garchy is here to connect with you and continue shining a light on George’s legacy. Follow him on his social media channels below by clicking the icons and stay tuned for Garchy fun!


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The GARF is dedicated to honoring the life work and cultural influence of George A. Romero, and supporting a new generation of filmmakers and artists inspired by his legacy.

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