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The GARF's statement on MARTIN


Many of our fans, followers, and supporters have reached out to us about the print of MARTIN that is currently for sale. We truly appreciate your concern and diligence, so thank you!

The George A. Romero Foundation (GARF) has reached out to the seller's agent to discuss its acquisition. At this time, it appears that the print will be sold to an individual buyer. 

The GARF has also been in contact with those involved with the production of the film to determine exactly what this print may be. 
This print of MARTIN is a "slop print" - that is, a B&W spliceless duplicate of the workprint used to make corrections in the sound mix. This print was purportedly produced for and exhibited at a theater in New Jersey so that the production company (Braddock Associates) could apply for funding for its completion and eventual distribution. 

This print made its way to its current owners through the location scouting process for DAWN OF THE DEAD. Regardless of physical ownership, this print may not be exhibited, as the intellectual property is owned by New Amsterdam Entertainment. 

This cut of MARTIN does, however, have intrinsic scholarly value. It is our hope that this print may ultimately be installed within the University of Pittsburgh Library System's (ULS) George A. Romero Archival Collection.

The print needs to be properly transferred so that it can be viewed without the risk of its destruction. The celluloid itself then needs to be meticulously preserved. The ULS has both the capability and the desire to do so.

We sincerely hope that the buyer will consider donating the film to the collection so that it may be added to the enormous body of work already there.

That's all the information we can share at this time. As always, please stay tuned for new developments and of course -- Stay Scared!

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