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Welcome to the new GARF Global Bite Size feature. Here, we at GARF Global will highlight people and events that encompass the values of George and the work we are keen on promoting. In this the first of the bite size series we feature young Irish independent filmmaker Tom O’Brien.

Tom is a 25 year old filmmaker from Dublin, Ireland. Tom met up with The GARF at last years For The Love of Horror and was kind enough to give us some time and insight into his work.

 GARF GLOBAL’s Colin Corcoran catch’s up with Tom at Manchesters For the Love of Horror convention 

Tom, why Horror?

For me there is no other kind of storytelling that offers quite the same imaginative cocktail of taboo subject matter, visceral visuals and intelligent observation of the human condition and society at large. In the spirit of these traditions I’ve always tried my best to make my own work have those same ingredients, to always think outside the box and give an audience things they have never experienced before.

How has George and George’s work influenced you?

George Romero has always been my idol and inspiration for several reasons. First and foremost, it was my seeing Dawn of the Dead at twelve years old that kickstarted my adoration of the horror genre. It made me realise that grabbing a camera and some friends to make my own films was entirely possible. One just needs to go to do it. Its because of this I feel Romero’s lasting gift to all aspiring filmmakers is his setting the example, through his own body of work, of not needing to be in Hollywood or have infinite resources to make your art. The only things required are passion, persistence & imagination. Watching George’s films always reinforces this philosophy in my own head and gives me the courage to put it into action on every new project.

What have you done so far and what does the future hold?

To date I have written and directed eight short films, with a ninth currently in development, and shot two music videos. I’ve no plans to stop any time soon either. Horror filmmaking to me, is the greatest playground imaginable. None of it would have been possible without George’s work providing the initial spark and showing me the way at the very beginning.

Tom currently has two films available to watch for free on YouTube and we certainly recommend you check them out.

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