afterEFFECTS: Memories of Pittsburgh Filmmaking Extended blu-ray Release Party

Saturday, May 1, 2021
7:00 PM  - 8:30 PM EST
Free Virtual Event! 

During the late 1970’s in Pittsburgh an ambitious and intrepid trio of filmmakers pooled their resources together and came up with just enough money to make their first feature-length narrative film. Originally called THE MANIPULATOR, and later re-titled EFFECTS, the movie was finished but sat unreleased for nearly 25 years.

In 2005, EFFECTS was finally unveiled to movie-goers worldwide, and Red Shirt Pictures was brought in to document the movie’s long and winding road to release.

With afterEFFECTS: MEMORIES OF PITTSBURGH FILMMAKING, many of the film’s cast & crew reunite to discuss not only the making of the movie but their experiences in the fledgling independent film industry in Pittsburgh in the 1970s.

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